Growing up in the largest export city of concrete Monterrey, NL Mexico and constantly being surrounded by construction has influenced Garcia's art practice. Her pieces are always in constant change and constantly developing, like a construction site. Her work is never about the finish but highlights the importance of the process. She lets the process stand as the finished piece in a society that exalts achievements and completion.

Concrete, time and light are the major variables in her image-making strategy. Her method allows the materials to develop naturally without stopping the developing process, mimicking the process of concrete that it never cure. She uses light-sensitive paper and let the paper develops under construction. The images will continue to develop until they are completely obscured and erased by light and time.

Materiality is important in her work. The soft, fragile and delicate light-sensitive paper stands in contrast to the heavy, grey concrete. Garcia tells the story of her roots and memories through these materials.

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